How to draw Luffy from One Piece.

How to draw Luffy from One Piece Step By Step

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Drawing Luffy is a lot of fun, he’s really easy compared to a lot of other manga characters but still has his own peculiar crazy look. ^_^ If you're interested in other One Piece manga tutorials just click on the One Piece tag in the tag cloud on the right side of the page. Let's get our materials ready and begin our Luffy tutorial.

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 1Step 01: Start by drawing the main head circle, but make sure to keep enough free space around since you’ll need it. Don’t push too hard on your pencil as all the blue lines are just construction lines and will be erased later.

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 2Step 02: Draw a curved center line slightly to the left of center of the main head circle with bottom part going over the edge of the circle. This is where we’ll put his chin. 

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 3Step 03: Draw the eye line perpendicular to the center line and slightly curved, a little lower than the “equator” of the head. 

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 4Step 04: Next, we’ll draw the face lines. Notice that the line on the left has a slight inverted ‘S’ curvature. The line on the right is wider and touches the eye line. 

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 5Step 05: Time for the ears, go ahead and draw two ears. The top part of the ear on the left sprouts from the point where our face line and head circle meet but is mostly hidden from view (overlapping 3D principle). His ear on the right touches the face line and the point where it intersects the head circle. Now we get to draw a big smiling mouth parallel to the face angle. Add in a simple teeth line. 

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 6Step 06: Time for his eyes. Draw two big eyes ^_^, the one on the left is squashed (a little more ovular) as it is viewed from an angle (our Squashing 3D principle). We should put both pupils on the eye line. I guess these are pupils as they would be too small for Irisis ^_^. Now draw a simple wedge for his upturned nose, originating just above the eye line. The nostril is quite delicate and touches the center line.

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 7Step 07: Now draw Luffy’s neck with the line on the right touching the ear (since the ear muscles actually start behind the ears). Drawing his hair can be a little tricky as there are many untidy spikes, just look at the picture and use the head circle as a guideline. Notice that the top of the visible hair doesn’t overlap the head circle as that’s where we have to put Luffy’s straw hat. This straw hat was lent to him by the legendary Pirate captain “Red-Haired Shanks” while Luffy was still a boy and he almost never takes it off.

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 8Step 08: We’ve arrived at the hat. Draw a big lopsided ellipse for the hat rim. Next we’ll use this step to put in some more of Luffy. Draw his shoulder under the neck and give him two eyebrows above his whacko eyes. Again, notice the eyebrow on the left is much shorter (3D squashing principle) compared to the eyebrow on the right.

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 9Step 09: Now that we have all the main features in place it’s time to add some details. Draw in the ear detail and wave lines for his gums (he’s obviously been to the dentist recently ^_^). Add some details to Luffy’s hat and draw the scar under his eye on the right. This is the scar that he got after cutting himself as a kid in the first chapter of One Piece manga to persuade “Red-Haired” Shanks that he is tough enough to join his pirate group. Finally add the line under his chin to mark the shadow on his neck.

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 10Step 10: Almost there. Now we have to get rid of all our help and erase all the construction lines with a kneedable eraser so they are barely visible and draw the final lines on top of them. If you are drawing in Photoshop make a new layer and draw on it. The black lines should be quite delicate so don’t select a brush that is too thick!

How to draw Luffy Step by Step 11

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Step 11: This is our final step, so you can breathe easy. Go ahead and fill in the black in his hair and pupils, then we’ll fill in the shadow on his neck and add some thickness to Luffi’s nose. Take a step back and have a look. He looks pretty good right? ^_^ Make sure to post him in your gallery here. And as always try to draw him again from memory and fix up the mistakes afterwards. This way will the shapes stick in your head and you will have more building blocks in your virtual shapes library to draw your own characters.

Draw with passion! (-_^) Hiroshi


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This is fk good!!! i love this, and may u draw Ace D Portgas and Minato and kakashi hatake!? plizzz... and this is very good love this program love u guys i draw it and it was very good exapmles xD love ya!

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Thanks Mjahed ^_^ I will definitely add more One Piece and Naruto drawing tutorials in the future.

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Show how to draw Portgas D. Ace

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Ok, Portas is pretty cool, I will create how to draw tutorial soon (-_^)

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can try to draw bleach? please or maybe sergeant kororo

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roronoa zoro

hmmm this pic is easy

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Can you draw Sanji from one piece?

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angela the witch

this is so easy and good i followed it and got a great manga

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Im new to drwaing manga, and i love this drawing because its a good start for me!
Im gonna practice this drawing some time so many many thanks for your help.

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this was of great help :) :) arrigato :) :)

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i always wanted to learn how to draw quick manga

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ok tnx po now I can draw luffy

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Thanks for posting,I can finally draw him without looking weird :D

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Wow! you are really good at drawing!!! O_O

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Nice.. but the hair is really hard to draw (for me^^)

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His hair is quite messy so you don't have to worry about exact shapes too much ^^

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Hi hiroshi, I have another question, when drawing to improve your skills and memorise, do you recommend also doing step 10 and 11 every time?

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hmm, I don't think it is really necessary. If you can draw the shapes right and it looks good no need to erase the construction lines, ink and fill the black spaces. I usually just make the construction lines lighter and draw the final lines with pencil. No need to fill the hair but I like to always fill the eyes with black areas. It looks much better this way! ^^

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I agree, it looks a lot better, but I want to improve faster and it still takes some time so I'll rather draw three without inking than two with, I usually do them one time with ink because I like it much more that way. Thanks for the advice once again!

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Thank you senpai Hiroshi! Is there a donate button or some way I can help you out!?!?