How to draw Pichu Pokemon Step by Step.

How to Draw Pichu Step by Step

Drawing Pichu is probably the easiest tutorial we have on our website at the moment  so I would highly recommend it for all you starting mangakas out there ^_^ .  I am sure all of you already know Pichu is the Pokemon that will evolve into the most famous Pokemon of all time Pikachu. If you're interested in other Pokemon characters click on the Pokemon tag on the right side of the page in the tag cloud. As you can see they are quite similar so it will be pretty easy to draw Pikachu later.

How to Draw Pichu Step by Step :1

Step 01: Let’s start by drawing a big ellipse for Pichu’s head . Draw lightly as all the blue lines will be erased later. Also make sure to leave enough free space around on the page. Take a look at the illustration for a guide. Next, draw a U shape under it, slightly to the left for Pichu’s body. It’s hard to believe but if you check the picture it is obvious his head is twice as tall as his body under it ^_^. Overall the shape should look like a small chubby mushroom.

How to Draw Pichu Step by Step :2

Step 02: We will be adding more construction lines in the next steps. Let’s start with ears, draw two lines protruding from head.  The ear on the right will be about 3/4 of the height of the head and body and the ear on the left slightly shorter.

How to Draw Pichu Step by Step :3

Step 03: Draw stick like construction lines for hands and legs, the legs are slightly longer. Then we’ll add the broken line for his tail on the left side.

How to Draw Pichu Step by Step :4

Step 04: Let’s draw the center line for Pichu’s head and the eye line in the upper part of the head.  Next we will draw the equator and center line for his belly, this will help us locate his hands later.

How to Draw Pichu Step by Step :5

Step 05: Ok! Now that we have all the stick like construction lines for his limbs down we can get to work and draw Pichu’s  legs, hands, tail and super huge ears ^_^ Give him diamond shaped ears and half ellipses for hands and almost full ellipses for legs.  The tail should resemble a hockey stick.

How to Draw Pichu Step by Step: 6

Step 06: Almost there, let’s draw his eyes on the eyeline and mouth on the center line. As Pichu’s head is facing to the right the bigger part of the mouth will be on the left because it is closer to us. (size 3d principle) Finally draw his cheeks and we can move to on the next step. Again draw the circle on the right slightly smaller and squashed. (size 3d principle and squashing 3d principle)

How to Draw Pichu Step by Step:7 

Step 07: We’re approaching the finish line! ^_~. Draw the marks on Pichu’s head and body, and claws for his hands and feet. Let’s add the spark in his eyes by drawing two reflecting circles touching the eyeline. Next add the curved line in his mouth to outline his tongue. And yes, we almost forgot his cute nose! He wouldn’t be able to sniff those tasty poke berries and apples without it! ^_^

How to Draw Pichu Step by Step :8

Step 08: Let’s move on to inking. Lighten all the construction lines with a kneadable eraser so they are barely visible, then take a pencil and draw a nice clean line to outline Pichu’s shape. Try not to draw the line too thick as we will thicken some parts in our next step.

How to Draw Pichu Step by Step :9 

Step 09: Just a few more details and Pichu is ready to run wild in the  Pokemon Forest! Fill in the marks on his ears, tail and body with black. As a last step embolden Pichu’s outline, this difference between thin lines inside and bold lines outside will make him look more like a real 3d object.

Make sure to try to draw Pichu again from memory as this will help you remember all the shapes and techniques and will enable you to design your own manga characters in the future. Try it several times till you are confident that you got a hold of it and then try to draw him in different poses ^_^.



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nice very easy!

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kind of hard but good steps.

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no it wasnt it was easy ^_^

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I love it. It was easy for me to draw it for the first time. Before my Pikachu and Pichu were terrible and now they are great!

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I got it wonderfully on the first time!

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so easy but this helps a little

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this was really easy and i drew a pro pichu like a boss!

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eu gostei dos tutorial do pikachu e desse ficou muito bom dep quando estinver com o meu caderno de desenhos vou temtar desenhar o pichi

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pichu w hard to make

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Really thanks, awesome and easy!

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thank you pichu is no cute, but you can draw raichu???? please answer me if you can or not ok ??? :*

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Sure, why not ^^

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mew and houundoom

i don't like pikachu noone in my school does it is not that famous so don't lie the most famous is vanillish

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Who is Vanillish? ^^ Oh, he is funny. I can draw him too ^^

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mew and houundoom

but thanks anyway

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Another easy tutorial, thanks!

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Hmm i love to draw sketches and faces, I have sketch so pictures and even live sketching and made real money. I tried to sketch a cartoon too but i was not successful that time. I learn it by i will try and post my sketch.