What is the best way to learn how to draw Manga?

Hey guys, you are here to learn how to draw manga, right?   Great, this is the right place! Wink

I've been researching the best way to learn to draw Manga for several years now and I have finally found a secret path to master it that I am going to share with you in a second .  I collected about 50 "how to draw" books and countless DVDs. My goal was to be able to draw great manga characters from memory and to design my own that would look as great as the manga characters I love. Can you relate? 

After many years of struggling I finally got “enlightened” after reading a bio of one of my favorite manga artists. In his words:

"... I would say that I learned about 80% of drawing from manga and only about 20% from books. I started by copying manga and only later the anatomy books filled in the details for me. There is no better way than learning directly from another manga artist . . ."

Read from right to left:Best way to learn drawing manga.

 After reading this I realized I had heard a similar story repeatedly*. All my idols started to draw their favorite manga characters as kids and as they did they learned the basic shapes and concepts that they used to create their own characters in turn. Another important element was that they drew a lot. I am sure you've heard this advice before. "Just put the hours in". But to be able to do this, you need to be passionate about the process. And what better way to stay passionate than drawing your favorite manga characters, designing your own and sharing the passion with friends?

This is where the idea for this website came from. I wanted to create a place where I can draw and improve my Manga drawing skills and meet people with the same interest. Set  up your own gallery and start drawing right now! ^_^


PS: I would recommend starting with this tutorial as it will introduce you to the basic tools and techniques: http://howtodrawmanga3d.com/content/how-draw-totoro

* My favorite Capcom artist Bengus grew up copying Leiji Matsumoto and Akira Toriyama's illustrations. He joined Capcom in 1992.

* In Bakuman manga, story about 2 classmates striving to become profesisonal Mangakas, Mashiro decides to copy 1000 pages of battle scenes from the most popular mangas. Bakuman is a great story especially because it shows many aspects of the life of real mangakas and I am pretty sure this is what many of them actually do. 




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This is very true drawing from the top of my head never worked but im a good sketcher i eventually improved though i still suck need more work OoO!

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Thx Kai, I need more practice too ^_^. Right now I am drawing from Dragon Ball and Zero No Tsukaima as I find these fun to read and easy to draw ^_^. Make sure to post your drawings in a gallery so we can comment on them (-_^)

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lol im so Noob i dont know how to upload into a gallery OoO

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^O^ Oh, I think there was a problem with website. Pls try again. Log in to your account and than click on "create content" and "image" in the white square in top right corner of the page.

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ok cool i didnt notice that lol so i already posted a few

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Cool! I can see you drawings in a gallery now, would you like me to comment on some of them? ^_^

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Yes please that would be great

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Yayy it looks like im not the only one with this problem of drawing manga

Please feel free to check out some of my works :P

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This is such a helpful thing! This is exactly the way I learned how to draw foxes and animals, but I thought If I started doing the same way with manga, anime, cartoons ect. People would be ashamed and accuse me for 'copying' and 'stealing'. I never knew so many artists did that! Thanks so much!

~*~ Self esteem +10 ~*~

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This is just what I needed. I guess I should get started, then!

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Totally agree with your comments! personally, I'm learning alot by observing other artists at work via youtube (top ones, Sophie-chan, mark crilly) and copying their style as best I could. In addition, I'm reading a ton of manga online and observing how the art is drawn, and watching a load of anime (usually drawn more simply). I'm actually charting my progress at the moment via wordpress :) came quite far in a month! XD

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This was so helpful with my work. Ive been looking forever for a new technique but never could find one and ive been thru hundreds of books so thanks for this! =^·^=

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Amazing :3

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can anyone draw many or you are born with the gift

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Anyone can learn to draw. You just need the passion and time to learn -_^. Don't give up, start wirth something easy, it will make you feel good when you learn to draw something that looks good.

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Tora Hayashi

Really? What if it makes someon depress when they learn to draw somethin that looks good? Then what happens... xD

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Oh, I hope it doesn't ^_^

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I M good at sketching.........how may i post them ......

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Hi Rajkumarmali, will be great if you can post your sketches. Just click on the "Register" in top right corner of the page and then create your account. You will be able to post your pictures in a gallery then. ^_^

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You can either create your own website or post them on photo keeping sites such as (www.photobucket.com) or youtube for videos,I personally like seeing how other people sketch

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YAYY!! Bakuman!

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Yay I can't believe it ......Bakuman

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Its so difficult drawing manga like the books,well I guess ill have to practice

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so true my friend

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is this drawing website free

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yes! ^^

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i have tried almost all drawings and tutorials you have posted and i fail over and over i cant do it but i want to what can i do

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lets start with something simple, what was the tutorial you had best results with? Post the image in your gallery I will give you some advice ^^

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Nagashi Kyoshiro

Are u new at drawing? O,o? If u r then u should keep trying! :)
The key is not to give up and keep improving! The process is slow, but u will improve in time, as long as u have the will. :)

If you see my drawings and notice something wrong, don't hesitate to criticize! I'm always open :D

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That's very cool art! I've never drawn any kind of manga before! Thanks for this perfect lesson!

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Mohamed Ahmed

thank u ^^

muslim :)

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I'm a newbie and I need lots of help and encouragement. Please take care of me!

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vidisha maithani

Wow.. that's some great tips... i was recently thinking of it too...


I can NeveR bE A tRue ArtIst,
If I HaVen'T LeArnEd To ApPreCiaTe OthErs... ^.^