How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail

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It's great to have everyone back! We're rounding out our week of Fairy Tail tutorials today with Plue. Plue is a curious spirit creature in the manga series that's more of a pet than an offensive combat character. His master is Lucy Heartfilia and he's great friends with Happy the Cat whose tutorial you can see here in case you want to draw them together. Plue is pretty easy to draw and is recommended for all levels of drawers. But he's also great fun to draw and has some great examples of our 3D drawing principles. Keep your requests coming by posting under the request tutorial button at the top of the page and we'll get to it as soon as possible. Let's get our materials ready and learn how to draw Plue!

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail Step 01Step 01: Just a reminder to all of our mangakas that all of the blue and green lines you see in this tutorial are only construction lines and will be erased later on, so don't press too hard on your pencil when drawing these lines. Our final lines you'll see in black at the end of the tutorial.

We're going to be starting a little differently today by drawing a horizontal and vertical center line. We won't be drawing an eye line today and we'll add our head circle in the next step.

The basic shape we're going for here is a cross with the horizontal arm of the cross on the right longer than on the left. Start by drawing your vertical center line in the upper-left center of your paper. It's titled at a slight angle to the right. Then we'll draw our horizontal center line which cuts the vertical center line in half and is longer on the right than on the left. It's also titled downward at a slight angle.

Then, we'll draw the small dashes towards the ends of our lines. You can see these is green in the image above. These marks will help guide us to draw our head circle in the next step. The top, left and bottom dashes are all the same distance from the intersection in the center. But the dash on the right is further away from the intersection than any of the others. When you've got our lines in place we'll move on.

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail Step 02Step 02: So, now in this step we'll draw our head circle using the notches we drew in the previous step as a guide. We'll draw a curving line connecting all the dashes together. If we've done it properly then the right side of the circle will appear larger than the left side of the circle. This is due to the way we have Plue posed and our size 3D principle. Everything on the left needs to look "farther" away, so it we will actually draw those features smaller. Hence the smaller size of the head circle on the left ^_^. When you finish with the head circle it should look like we've got 4 pieces of pizza. (Whoever gets to eat the slices on the right is lucky, cause they're bigger ^_-.) In the top right slice we'll draw a small circle for the eye. Then, in the lower half of the circle, we'll draw a crescent for the mouth.

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail Step 03Step 03: Ok, in this step mangakas, we've got to draw the body shape, a nose guide line and a couple more dashes that you can see in green in the image above. To begin, let's draw the nose line. This is the long diagonal line you can see sticking out of the center of the head circle to the left. It should be about 30 degrees up from the horizontal center line and it's the same length as the longer arm of the horizontal center line on the right. In other words the nose line should be the same length as the distance from the center to the right side of the head circle if you follow the horizontal center line. At the end of the nose line, add a dash. Now, on the horizontal center line on the left and on the vertical center line on the upper half we need to add some dashes that will help us to draw the nose in the next step. To give you a good idea of the distances use this: On the horizontal, the distance between the head circle on the left and the dash is the same as the distance from the center to the dash on the vertical. To finish up this step, let's draw the body shape which is kind of an irregular rectangle.

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail Step 04Step 04: Going from top to bottom, we'll start with the nose. We just need to draw lines from the dashes on the horizontal and vertical center lines to the dash mark on the end of the nose line. When you finish it should look like a skyscraper (and yes, it's really that big!). Next we have to draw the hands and arms as well as the legs and feet. Pro tip: You might want to begin by drawing the slightly squished circles for the hands and the ellipses for the feet. Then add the straight lines for the arms and legs from the hands and feet to the body shape. The hands should overlap the head circle (a little bit for the hand on the left, a lot for the hand on the right).

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail Step 05Step 05: Let's begin this step by drawing the little curve on the top of the nose for the eye on the left. It's mostly hidden behind the nose so we don't need to draw anything more (our 3D overlap principle). Then above each eye we'll draw the eyebrows. Note that the eyebrow on the right is longer than the eyebrow on the left (our size 3D principle). Next, we'll move down and we'll draw the "c" shaped line for the nose from the top line of the nose around to the line on the left for the nose passing just to the right of the center of the head circle. Then, on the hands we'll draw three small ellipses for the fingers. And, lastly, we'll draw the arm lines that almost go to the middle of the body shape. Notice that the arm line on the right starts on the hand on the right, but that the one on the left starts on the head circle.

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail Step 06Step 06: Just a few details to add here. We need to draw the little curving dash just next to both eyebrows. Then on the nose cone we'll draw the five "C" shaped lines. Notice, however, that the lines touch the top line of the nose but don't actually touch the bottom line of the nose, instead they stop just before it. Then on the horizontal center line under the eye on the right we'll draw the three little dash marks. And then to wrap up this step just draw the small circles inside each hand. Great work!

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail Step 07Step 07: Now we just have to add the lower lines for the arms and the two lines for each leg. The arm lines should start on the hand and stop on the body shape. The leg lines for the leg on the left are pretty easy and they stop on the body shape. But pay attention to how to do the leg lines for the leg on the right.

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail Step 08Step 08: That does it for our construction lines, mangakas. Use your eraser to lighten all of the lines we've made so far and then take out your black finishing pen and trace your final lines.

Pro tip 1: At first, just get a nice outline of your final lines all with the same thickness and don't worry about filling, we'll do this after we've got our final outline.

Pro tip 2: It's important when tracing to pay attention to how the arms and legs overlap the body shape and how the legs and feet go together. Use the image above as your guide to get the proper look.

After you have your final outline traced let's go back and work on line quality and filling.

Line quality: Using the same finishing pen we want to thicken some lines to make them bolder and stand out more. I've thickened the lines in three places: the entire head circle should be a nice thick line, thicker than the body shape; I've also thickened the lower line of the nose; lastly, I've thickene the right and left sides of the mouth.

Filling: Using your pen, just fill in the eyes completely and the circle spots on the hands.

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail Step 09Step 09: Give your ink a minute to dry and then take out your eraser to completely erase any remaining construction lines that you can see.

How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail Step 10

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Step 10: In this final step, we'll just do a little shading on the nose. Between the rings of the nose just add a bunch of small curving dash marks to the underside of the nose and you're all done. You've just drawn Plue from Fairy Tail!

If your goal is to become a great mangaka make sure to draw Plue again from memory. Then compare the final drawing with the original and correct any mistakes you might have made. Try once again from memory. This is the best way to build a huge library of shapes that you can use in the future for your own manga characters.

Draw with passion! -_^



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