How to Draw Soul Eater Evans

How to Draw Soul Eater MangaWelcome back, mangakas! Today on How to Draw Manga in 3d our tutorial is on Soul Eater Evans from the Soul Eater manga. This musician turned death scythe has come a long way from practicing his Beethoven etudes to become one of the strongest and most loyal member of the Soul Eater team. But his musical knowledge is not wasted as he can discover the rhythm of his enemies' attacks and anticipate them as well as using his musical spells to boost the powers of his teammates. Let's get all of our materials ready and learn how to draw Soul Eater.

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 01Step 01: As any of our returning Mangakas will already know, the blue lines you see in this tutorial are all construction lines and we will be erasing them later on so it's important not to press too hard on your pencil when you draw your construction lines. The final, permanent lines you'll see at the end of our tutorial in black.

We'll start today by drawing our head circle. We're only going to be drawing Soul Eater's head in this tutorial so you can start with a fairly large circle in the middle of your paper. Notice, it's not perfectly round but a bit higher on the top and squashed on the right.

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 02Step 02: Let's go on with our construction lines, this time the eye and center lines for the head. Draw the center line curving slightly to the left and extending down below the head circle. The eye line curves upward and starts just below the half way point on the left.

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 03Step 03: Great work everyone. Now we'll begin to add some facial features. Let's begin with the jaw. As you can see from the finished drawing, Soul Eater is turned slightly to the left so that means that we'll be able to see more of the right side of his face. We'll draw a curving line for the jaw that is flatter and more square at the bottom where it touches the center line; it should begin on the left near where the eye line touches the head circle and end on the right on the eye line inside the head circle. After we've got the jaw in place, we've got to draw four irregular shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. The eyes and mouth are longer than tall and so look a bit rectangular. The eyes are centered on the eye line but they are titled diagonally. The mouth should come to a point in the right corner. Lastly, an irregular circle shape for the nose should finish off this step.

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 04Step 04: This step consists of hair and ears. So let's start with the ears. We'll draw two cup handle like shapes on either side of the head on the jaw line. The ear on the right should be larger and more visible than the one on the left due to our overlap 3d principle. Next, we'll draw Soul Eater's main hair spikes. There are four large hair spikes and two smaller tent like spikes at the bottom below the ears on both sides. Start by drawing the largest spike which starts on the ear on the left and then work your way around.

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 05Step 05: We'll start working on Soul Eater's signature head band here. It's easy to draw using two short vertical lines and drawing curving lines between to create a curved rectangle. But it's important to notice that the head band is slightly thicker on the right because of the way his head is turned, this is an example of our size 3d principle. Based on the lower edge of Eater's head band we'll draw a few more hair spikes. There are two between the eyes and I'd recommend drawing the smaller one first. Then we can draw the forked spike on the left that overlaps the ear on the left (overlapping 3d principle). The last spike is on the right and requires only one line; the line should touch the corner of Soul's eye on the right.

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 06Step 06: Fantastic so far! Here, we'll start adding in some details to the face. We can start with the mouth by drawing a squiggle line inside the mouth for Soul's teeth and then adding two parenthesis on either side of his mouth for dimple lines. Then, moving on to the ears, we should add a short line inside the ear on the left and a larger "s" like line inside the ear on the right. Lastly, the eyes, which aren't' too hard. We'll draw a half circle in each eye for the pupil, a forked line above each eye for Soul's eyebrows and a line under each eye as a wrinkle. Soul should look pretty tired and upset at this stage.

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 07Step 07: Back up to the head band for this step. We'll draw a large circle on the right that touches the head circle at the top and whose bottom is just above the eye on the right. Inside the circle you have just drawn, we'll add an ellipse with pointy ends. Then, switching sides we'll add a rectangle on the left. When you've got it, we'll move on.

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 08Step 08: Staying with the head band we have to add just a few details. Inside the rectangle on the left that we drew in the previous step we need to draw in the word "SOUL" where the "S" is smaller than the "L" due to our squashing 3d principle. On the right, we have to outline the pointy ellipse we drew in the previous step with a mouth like shape, the upper part resembling a lip while the lower is smooth. Then we'll draw a frequency line that looks a lot like the kind of lines you see on heart monitors in the hospital. Before finishing up, there's a small "^" shape just under the "lips".

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 09Step 09: Ok, mangakas, we've got all of our construction lines in place so we'll get out our erasers and lighten all of the lines we've drawn so far. Then, using a pen or a finishing pencil, we'll trace out our final lines. You'll notice that we cannot see portions of the ears and the bottom of the head band where the "heart monitor" is as these are hidden (our overlapping 3d principle). You can stop here for a finished drawing of Soul Eater (just erase all of your remaining construction lines) but I will continue with one more step to add some shading in order to give our drawing more of a 3d feel as he seems pretty flat to me at the moment.

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 10Step 10: In our final step, we'll do some shading and thickening of some lines to make Soul really stand out and have some depth. We can start by filling in some things first: the letters "SOUL" on the head band as well as the "lips" on the "heart monitor" and the spot just on the right of the monitor as a shadow. Next, we'll completely fill in the half circles of his pupils and the hair spike on the right just above the ear. Once we have done that we can thicken some of the lines to demonstrate depth in the drawing with the things closer to us thicker than those farther away. You'll notice the hair on top is drawn with a thicker line than the hair at the bottom (which is actually his hair at the back). This is our shading 3d principle in action. We can also thicken the final lines of the mouth and the dimple on the left. The two hair spikes in the middle of the face can be thickened and lastly most of the head circle on the left. I've also thickened the line between the two hair spikes on the left.

How to Draw Soul Eater Manga Step 11Step 11: Once the ink has dried use your eraser to completely erase any remaining construction lines you see and take a look at Soul Eater Evans! If your goal is to become a great mangaka make sure to draw Soul Eater again from memory. Then compare the final drawing with the original and correct any mistakes you might have made. Try once again from memory. This is the best way to build a huge library of shapes that you can use in the future for your own manga characters. Draw with passion! -_^ Hiroshi


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