Steam-Gladiator - my own way


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I love the detail and colors! Looks very professional *_*. If I can suggest something it would be to draw chest muscles (pectorals) too and get rid of top row of abdomen muscles. Here is a good photo reference (warning nudity)

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Thank you Hiroshi. Input is always welcome. Yes, i have seen it after "finishing" the drawing, that the muscles are not the best and is one point, which i have to correct the nexttime i work on it:) Thank you for the reference (link)

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I turned out really, really nice! Details, shading, proportions... just awesome! But I think the best is your own style and that you create your own characters. Great fckn job!

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Many many thanks Unleashed
Yes, i was also happy, that it was my own character. Sure, is not 100% typically steampunk-stile, but for me my best:)

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Looks really good, keep it up!!! :)

Just enjoy drawing!!! ^^

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I will try my best:) Thank you Love Muf1n